Happy Thanksgiving Greetings 2023

By | June 10, 2023

Thanksgiving Greetings: Thanksgiving is a blessing impersonating the harvest of the preceding year. The day is much more than stuffing the turkey, baking cake, getting a frenzy with friends, and savoring delicious dishes. It’s the day to pour out your feelings by letting your heart speak for all the beautiful things in your life. It is about thanking the people for your earnest efforts.

Happy Thanksgiving is the epitome of giving thanks. And the best way of expressing your gratitude is by verbalizing the Thanksgiving greetings for the people you love. The words spoken from the heart directly reach the heart of the recipient and make them feel extra special.


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“Have a cheerful Thanksgiving with tummies filled with turkey.”

“Let the eating disorders begin! Happy Thanksgiving, get stuffed!”

“You and I should count our blessings, but we should also make them count!”

“The gift of love, the gift of peace The gift of happiness… May these be yours this Holiday Season.”

“It’s not just another day in November. Thanksgiving is so much more. It’s about food, family, friends, and fun.”

“With family and friends near, bond and make every moment as special as you can. Let them know how grateful of them you are. Happy Thanksgiving.”

“To a special person, you are an incredible blessing to us, may your heart’s desires come to pass as you begin a new season. May you have a joyous Thanksgiving.”


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“Hope this Season is packed with fun! Happy Holidays!”

“Here’s to one blessing after another on this Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!”

“I hope you have a great Turkey Day. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving with many reasons to be grateful.”

“Wishing you and your family a Thanksgiving full of joy, laughter, and good food. Happy Thanksgiving!”

“Our country is so blessed that we have a day devoted to gratitude. Be blessed and grateful this Thanksgiving.”

“o a special person, you are an incredible blessing to us, may your heart’s desires come to pass as you begin a new season. May you have a joyous Thanksgiving.”


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Moreover, by sharing greetings on this stunning occasion, you could fulfill the true meaning of Thanksgiving. So, this year on November 26, apart from having fun and a thrill with family, you can make the day worth it by expressing your feelings toward your intimate ones.


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Happy Thanksgiving 2023 Greetings FAQs


What is the difference between Thanksgiving greetings and wishes?

“Happy Thanksgiving. Have a blessed day.”

Here happy Thanksgiving is the greeting, have a blessed day is the wish.

Greetings are formal expressions that are generally used while welcoming someone. But on the other wish is a desire for something marvelous or amazing to happen. So, when greetings are used, you express your good feelings towards that individual, and when you wish you hope for something.

Similarly, in the expression above, “Happy Thanksgiving” shows your feelings, and later in the phrase, you desired something.


Is it compulsory to share Thanksgiving greetings?

There is no compulsion to share thanksgiving greetings with your family and friends. You can spend the day eating tasty thanksgiving turkey dishes and chilling with friends. But by doing so, you are not fulfilling the true meaning of thanksgiving. It’s the day to appreciate and be thankful for what you have.

Moreover, by expressing your feeling towards your loved ones in the form of Thanksgiving wishes and greetings, you could make their hearts smile and feel special. This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving.


What to say to a friend on Thanksgiving?

Often, you are so busy in your life that you forget to thank your friends for their gratefulness and undying support. So, by taking advantage of this spectacular day, you can reach out to your friend and re-establish your bond.

You just need to think about what you feel about your friend, why you are grateful to him/ her, and what makes him/ her different from others. Afterward, you just need to express those feelings to your friend.


How to write a Thanksgiving greeting yourself?

It’s quite simple to write a beautiful and mesmerizing thanksgiving greeting yourself for your intimate ones. You can follow the following steps while writing the Thanksgiving greetings or messages

  • Firstly, target the recipient. It means deciding for whom you are writing whether he/ she is your friend, lover, family member, colleague, or anyone else.
  • Now, think about the qualities of that individual and why you are so grateful to that person.
  • After this, just pen down your greetings. It’s not necessary to use big words. You can write it in simple language.

The most crucial thing is that your efforts towards that individual matter the most, not the stuff like strenuous words, length, etc.


What can I do if I receive a Thanksgiving greeting?

If you receive thanksgiving greetings, it means you are really important to that person, and the sender genuinely cares about you. So, you must revert to the sender expressing your feelings towards him/ her. You can revert by sending thanksgiving images, email, text message, or even making a voice call/ video call.

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