Thanksgiving Poems

By | October 24, 2022

Thanksgiving poems: Thanksgiving is the time when people indulge themselves in amusement and joy by celebrating with friends and families. Along with gathering around the table, it’s the time when you should convey your thankfulness. A few families have a tradition in which they plan for an outing with their close ones and share something for which they are thankful. During this festive mood, you may think about which quotes on thanksgiving and gratitude will be apt that you can deliver as a speech after thanksgiving dinner.


Thanksgiving Rhymes

Thanksgiving Poems

thanksgiving rhymes

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Thanksgiving poems funny:

Poem: 1

“Turkey Gives Thanks
Thanksgiving is my favorite feast.
The table’s set, the napkins creased.
We always have a great big crowd
With uncles, aunts, and children loud.

The grownups shoo us to our chairs
With pushing hands and parent stares.
We wait to eat — but this part’s quirky.
Our main dish is never, ever turkey!

Our grandpa will not eat this bird.
On this, he gave his solemn word.
Years ago when he was young,
He vowed not to pass his tongue.

As a boy, he lived beside
The rolling Polish countryside.
The turkeys (this is so unkind)
Would chase and bite his small behind.

So even though it’s quite the norm,
He shuns the bird in every form.
I understand how grandpa feels
And how it’s changed his lifelong meals.

But for me, I’d rather take the attack.
Once a year, I’d bite them back!”


Poem: 2

“Two Turkeys
We have two turkeys at our house
’cause Mom and Gramma fight.
Neither one of them believes
the other roasts it right.

There are also two stuffing,
two of homemade berry sauce.

Let’s face it, there are two of each,
’cause both of them are boss.
We eat it all, some food from both,
in order to be nice.

We also make quite sure that when
we burp — that we burp twice!”


Thanksgiving poem to god

Poem: 1

“My cornucopia is full
because God made it so.

He gives me food
to nourish my soul
and share it with friends I include.

I have things to be thankful for
because God made it so.

He helps me pray
for those close and far
as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day.”


Poem: 2

“I’m most thankful to God
on Thanksgiving day.
Because he gave us all things
and he shows us the way.
Thanks are to God;
for this meal of food and drink.
Thanks are to God;
for this family where we link.
Thanks are to God;
for all, we have as we pray.
Thanks are to God;
for this Thanksgiving Day.”


While picking the poems for thanksgiving, you need to make sure that the poems should definitely related to this festive mood, the history of thanksgiving, and your thankfulness. Through the thanksgiving poem, you can express your joyous and grateful mood. You should choose the poems or rhymes depending on the surrounding people in front of whom you are going to read it. Whether you are finding thanksgiving poems for kids or thanksgiving poems for teachers, you can get a lot of famous poems available on google. In this article, we are going to allude to a few funny thanksgiving poems and thanksgiving poems to god.


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Thanksgiving Poems 2023 FAQs


What are the famous thanksgiving poems for preschoolers?

For preschoolers, one of the cutest thanksgiving poems is:

“I’m thankful for turkey,
I’m thankful for yams,
I’m thankful for cranberries,
biscuits, and hams.

I’m thankful for pumpkins,
I’m thankful for cheese,
I’m thankful for gravy,
potatoes, and peas.

I’m thankful for stuffing,
I’m nuts about the stuff,
I’m thankful for eggnog,
and marshmallow fluff.

I’m thankful for whipped cream,
and ice cream and pies,
I’m thankful for dads,
double-chocolate surprise.

I’m thankful, for Thanksgiving,
for good things to eat.
But mostly I’m thankful,
I still see my feet.


What is the importance of Thanksgiving poems?

Through the poems for thanksgiving, you can convey your gratefulness, thankfulness to God, and all you got throughout the year. It’s a tradition too.


How can I get thanksgiving rhymes?

You can visit Then you can choose your preferable thanksgiving poems based on the surrounding people in front of whom you will read the poem.


When should I read thanksgiving poems?

When all your friends and relatives or the close ones will gather for dinner around the table. Then, you can deliver your poem.


What are the thanksgiving poems for the Church?

If you are finding thanksgiving prayer poems for the church, you can check this one:

Lord, too often our prayers
Are filled with impatience over what we want
Instead of gratitude for what we already have.

Remind us today and in the coming year
What is truly important.

Remind us to give thanks to family and friends.
Remind us to be grateful for the work you have given us.
Remind us to appreciate our many material blessings.

Most of all remind us today and every day
To give thanks for your precious Son Jesus,
And the sacrifice he made for us
To give us eternal life with You in heaven.

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