Facts About Thanks Giving Parade

From 1924 to 1926, handlers borrowed the animals for the Thanksgiving parade from the central zoo and marched on the streets; after that, they switched animals with oversized balloons.

The first oversized balloon was not a  marvel or cartoon character; it was the deluxe cat in 1927. and the thanksgiving audience loved it. And that's when the balloon parade started.

All the balloons started popping after floating at such height, and after that, the ideas changed, and they were reworked so they could stay at the high altitude.

In 1958 there was a shortage of helium, so they just filled it with regular air and towed it with vehicles, and that problem didn't stop the handler from the parade.

It takes 95 mins to fill the balloons that big, and after the parade, they share all the 700 pounds of rubber with the government for war.

Even the ropes of the balloons on parade had names, and the name was (BONES).

Can you believe the balloons had names (gallons ) with the words float and balloons, a pretty funny way to represent creativity? Were they introduced in 1982?

Filling the balloons was $510,000 because they use 300,000 to 700,000 cubic feet of helium. This gas costs $510,000, and sometimes gases are still not enough to be stable

Three biggest thanksgiving parades in us : Macy's thanksgiving parade (new york) :mc donald's thanksgiving parade (chicago) :America"s hometown thanksgiving parade (Plymouth mass.)

The most extended balloons in the Macy's day parade made only one appearance in 1929, 78 feet long. After that, we never got to see the old man dragon.

It requires 50 to 100 handlers, depending on the site theme of the balloon. And if you are a first-timer, you must take  101 classes at Columbia University, NYC.

The weird fact is balloon handlers get no payment and are free for anyone to join, and it's hard even to join the parade handler position.

If you want to see the shortest Thanksgiving parade, you can see it every year on the 4th of July in Aptos, and it only travels half a mile.