Happy Valentine’s Day

By | May 12, 2024

On Valentine’s Day, I congratulate you, And wish you happiness, Complete joy to you!

Love, drown in love, Know no woes and keep smiling, I love you, just know, In this, have no doubt!

On Valentine’s Day, I want to confess to the whole world, I love you very much, For there’s no one better than you, You are more precious to me than anything, And I will always be with you, I hope the feelings are mutual, I want to hear your response!

Congratulations on the Day of Love. What to wish for? Love, of course, Let it be mutual, Sweet, passionate, endless.

May this feeling help Overcome everything in life, On the wings of passion and madness, I wish you to soar.

May your dreams come true, May your love be happy, May Cupid, the prankster, inject The infection of desire into your blood.

On Valentine’s Day, On this love holiday, I congratulate you today, May you always be happy!

Love and be loved, Open the doors to happiness, On this wintery, magical evening, Cast away your sorrow!

On the day of the loved and beloved I want to congratulate you. A bunch of beautiful words I’ll whisper as a gift.

Be dear and desired, Be joyful always. Wounds on the heart will heal, Troubles will be forgotten.

May those who love be near, Those who don’t love—forgive. Those who suffered, let them judge us, Those who hurt—fall silent!

On Valentine’s Day I wish to wish for love, Without it, it’s very difficult, No matter how you turn it.

This feeling inspires, Continues the noble lineage, Let love bring only joy, Happiness into your life.

On Valentine’s Day May hearts fall in love From young to old, From elders to youths.

May Valentine cards Give tender words, From which even in winter You simply feel dizzy.

Be happy, meet up, Among the frosts and snows In February let there blossom A very passionate love!

Love—it’s unique, It’s different for everyone. And on Valentine’s Day Allow me to congratulate you!

And I wish that the happiness Of loving mutually does not pass You by quietly, But that it becomes yours!

Happy Lovers’ Day! May love Always excite your blood, May passion blaze in your hearts, And life be lived in pleasure!

May Valentine protect you From disputes and offenses, May feelings always live, Despite the cold!

Let the little heart I give you, This simple Valentine, Unfold and you’ll see, It’s magically stuffed!

May words of love melt The snowflake in your heart, And turn into a smile The tear on your cheek.

On Valentine’s Day! Bright days, great love. May tenderness like an avalanche Overwhelm you completely.

Life sweet as a strawberry, Romantic encounters on the way, And may you definitely find Your other half!

On Valentine’s Day Let there be declarations of love, May it find everywhere Warmth and understanding.

May hopes be fulfilled, Expectations and dreams, And in addition to happiness, May you find love today!

The magical flame of love Doesn’t go out even in February. Today is Valentine’s Day We celebrate all over the earth.

May the beautiful light of tender feelings Burn sincerely in hearts, I wish everyone to find love And not lose it in the snows!

On this romantic holiday About love I want to speak! About love, that is boundless, The one with which I love you Sincerely and tenderly, All today for you! On Valentine’s Day I congratulate you, lovingly!

Once a year it comes This holiday about love. And it gives us emotions, And we give each other Valentines and smiles, Kisses and love! And let it be just cards, The main thing, with all the heart!

Cupid rose at dawn, Cleaned the feathers in his wings, Checked his bow to make sure To make a precise love shot.

This little prankster Amid February’s frost Will come to you on the holiday, To deliver love seriously!

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