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The compliment that is sought after by all

Your eyes captivate like the cosmos, Your voice sounds like music, Both soul and heart simply melt, When your scent beckons. All the wonderful words cannot be counted, All compliments are for you, I wish you more clear days in life From the bottom of my heart. Sending you a little compliment, I’ll lift your… Read More »

This is the compliment that holds universal appeal

I admire you, I am proud of you. Everything about you is wonderful, I even fear to jinx it. I enjoy your smile right now And I admire the radiance Of your sincere eyes. Your eyes are very beautiful, And I could follow you for a lifetime. Your walk is so perfectly refined, You should… Read More »

The compliment everyone would like to hear

Your magical eyes, Always as beautiful as ever, Drive everyone mad with their allure, Such eyes are yours alone. And your voice attracts like a magnet, It sounds so wonderfully. Your soul is charming and sweet, Filled with abundant kindness. For mood and spirit, Accept my little compliment, You are the best in the world,… Read More »