It is the compliment that everyone wishes to be bestowed upon

By | May 12, 2024

So many different compliments I want to lavish upon you! Because I surely know— There’s much to praise you for.

You are amazingly kind, So decent, so pure. I know only a few like you— With such a beautiful soul!

My compliment will be this, Warmed by sincere feeling! I ask you to accept it, With it, I want to “hug” you.

You are a wonderful person, You adorn our era. I am proud to know you, I speak without embellishment!

You are good and beautiful! And therefore we want To leave our own, Unadorned compliments for you!

You are smart and interesting, And your charisma is boundless. Appropriate in any society, There’s much to respect you for!

It’s hard for me to find The words to convey All those qualities in you, That are certainly the best!

With them, you are incredible, Nice and so pleasant! One could praise you for a long time, Admire and love you!

My compliment is very simple, But no less good! Because from the heart It rushes to you now.

You are a good person, Such as one might never find! I treasure our communication. I look forward to it!

Hold on to my compliment! It’s all truth from the heart. You are a person beyond compare, Everything in you is beautiful, yes!

I value our acquaintance, I respect and appreciate you. It’s good that you are in the world, You adorn the planet!

Do you know that I have A compliment for you. Accept it from me, Sincere and from the heart!

In you are such qualities, Very important, awesome— You know how to listen and Wouldn’t sell out for half the price!

This modest compliment— Is a very compelling argument! In your favor, it’s about you, Sincere and unadorned!

I give it to you as a gift, Because I love and value you so much! It’s good that we have You—a person of the highest class!

I just want to give compliments, It’s important to always hear that, I’ll try not to forget, To create summer in your soul.

To enjoy your charming smile, Your deep gaze, like the ocean, To dissolve in your voice, It affects me like intoxication.

In your life—constant positives, May promising prospects always await you, May you conquer any peak, May only your best qualities shine through!

May your eyes shine with fire and tenderness, May you meet only true friends, May all your dreams come true, fortune awaits you, May life lead you only on a happy path!

With you, the soul always feels calm, You behave very honorably, Communicating with you is very pleasant, You always act delicately!

Ready to listen to everyone and understand, If needed—to give the right advice… There are no more like you in the world, We wish you—a hundred years of life!

Everything about you is very, very wonderful! I want to say, That you can be praised and extolled Without any hesitation!

You are wise and humane, Very sincere, sweet. Polite and so warm-hearted, You are very valuable to us!

You are always beyond competition, You are the standard of intelligence, In communication—with you, it is pleasant, Always clear and delicate!

Your talent is awe-inspiring, Persistence and striving amaze. I wish you to also go through life, Carrying a ray of kindness and happiness!

I never cease to admire you, In you, it is impossible not to fall in love, Like a celestial angel you are similar, Eyes, smile, appearance—unparalleled!

With you, communication is incredibly easy, You are smart, do not take offense at anyone. Continue on the same path through life, Do not meet with treacherous anxiety!

Oh, what a wonder, a marvel, How pleasant and playful This miracle looks at me. If only it were always so. I always wanted it, To be as simple as a hill To admire And remain myself throughout! I wish that this Would be the joy of the planet!

You are a person with whom it’s warm, In you, there is kindness, comfort, From your smile, it instantly becomes bright, And your company is so awaited.

Everything in you is so harmonious, Makes one want to talk about many things, To spend time with you personally And to discover important secrets.

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