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A heartfelt rhyme composed for your beloved

The whole world dances and sings, When love lives in the soul. And each day is filled with happiness, Kindness, and partly magic. And I feel this way, When I hug you, Because our feelings are so strong, Forever in love with each other! I want to speak of my love, I love you with… Read More »

An enchanting stanza crafted for your dearest

They say that loving is dangerous, But no, this feeling is beautiful, It fills the soul with warmth, Like an angel, it covers it with a wing! If you have fallen in love—cherish it, Do not pass by love, Wrap your heart in tenderness, Don’t let anyone’s spear pierce it! Loving you is my dream,… Read More »

A beautiful poem written for your cherished one

Love can be different, Both complex and simple. But I will overcome everything, As long as you are with me. With you, my heart came alive And beats joyfully. You give me your warmth, Like the sun gives its rays. I love you with all my soul, There’s no place for another. They say love… Read More »

A lovely verse dedicated to your beloved

My love for you is strong, I love you with all my heart, I adore your gaze and lips, I can’t imagine life without you, I always praise you, When you’re not around, I imagine. I love you so much, You mean a lot to me. I love you dearly, I’ll say it a hundred… Read More »

A beautiful poem for your loved one

I want to love you all my life, To forget about sadness forever. Because happiness is only with you, I need no other love. I want to hug you soon, For there is no one gentler than you in the world. And there are no more beautiful words To express my love. I miss your… Read More »