A beautiful poem for your loved one

By | May 12, 2024

I want to love you all my life, To forget about sadness forever. Because happiness is only with you, I need no other love. I want to hug you soon, For there is no one gentler than you in the world. And there are no more beautiful words To express my love.

I miss your eyes So deep, clear, and pure, Your enticing, sweet lips So hot and beautiful.

I miss your hands That caress the body, As if the morning sun Timidly wanders with its beam.

I miss your words, That heal the soul so, That shout “I LOVE” So quietly, with a timid whisper.

In the morning, remembering you, I’ll smile, It will warm my soul, For with you, I laugh heartily, And with you, I become braver.

You are my gentle dawn, my sunset, My joy, my pleasure, You are tranquility, you are also excitement, You are my warmth, you are my mood.

And until I met you, Happiness was unknown to me, And with you, the soul comes alive, You are love, you are joy, you are wealth!

Love. Two angels kissing The eyelashes of sweet sleepy eyes. I love you. Let angels dance And protect us from misfortunes. You love me. Light plays in your eyes Illuminating the path of a busy life. You will be next to me. My heart stops, Peace and joy fill the chest. I will not betray. I will not break my word— You are my air, I breathe only you. I will heal wounds, warm the soul. And don’t betray me—I ask. I will be nearby. From melancholy and misfortune In my arms, I will shelter you, In the darkness of the night for you, I will light a light, Just always be with me. Do not deceive me. Love Killed by treacherous lies. Lies for love—worse than a knife. Fools’ fatal mistake. Do not doubt me. I love, Only ask love for advice. Only for you, I carefully keep it, In doubt, only love will give all the answers. Kill pride. It is the enemy of love, Clouds the mind, blinds the heart. Pride builds walls—not bridges, Driving lovers apart. Love blessed us, And gave guardian angels, And united two souls into one For one soul—two wings. And, if you heed my plea, And if you believe that love is almighty, I give you my life forever. Before love, even death is powerless.

I love you so much! Only dream of you, I burn with passion, I melt with tenderness.

You appear in my dreams, With you, I faint by your side, My love for you Grows stronger day by day.

And these feelings I Will not hide at all. I will never stop Loving you!

My love for you is pure, I simply believe in miracles. I don’t want to lose you, I want to hug you. And every day, and every hour I love you, just as now. And this night I will not sleep, I will drown in your eyes.

I know what happiness is, For now, I have you, With you, I’m not afraid of bad weather, With you, my dreams come true.

With you, the sun shines brighter, With you, it’s easier to breathe, With you, even sugar seems sweeter, With you, I now know how to fly!

You inspire, you lift me, With you, I live to the fullest, You know so much about me, And it’s no secret that I love you!

I love you very, very much, I give myself entirely to you, You are my sunshine, by the way, With you, my dream came to life!

I wake up at dawn— All my thoughts are about you. Only your gentle, bright image I hold in my mind.

When I fall asleep at night, I want to find you in a dream. I always remember you, You are the ray of the sun in my window.

Love comes to us uninvited, It’s like a white snowfall, Always beautiful and desired, And everyone is glad for it.

There are storms and doubts, There is jealousy, like a storm. But there’s no more beautiful feeling, Than to look into love’s eyes.

It will adorn all moments, Allow to fly in the skies. From boredom, it finds instant salvation, Allowing to breathe with feelings.

Do you know what love means to me? The happiness of being next to you, Just to be with you. To smile back at a smile, To kiss in return. Nothing in the world Is more beautiful than this. I hold your hand And look into your eyes. In this is all earthly happiness: I love you!

I cherish you very much, And I can’t find peace, If you’re not beside me, And under the moon, I dream To see you soon, To kiss your lips, To drown in your eyes, To fall asleep in your arms.

I’ll look into your eyes And with tenderness, I will whisper: I love you and cherish you And know, I won’t let you go, You mean so much to me, I want to be with you always. With you, it’s very easy for me And I’m very lucky in life.

I love you with all my soul, I will be with you forever, I always praise you, Love and adore you greatly.

You are only my ideal, I can’t do without you. Like air, I breathe you And can’t get enough.

My soul is full, full of love, My soul is yours forever, forever, You are all my cherished desires, dreams, I love you, I madly love you!

You are the reason I wake up in the morning, You are my reason to breathe, With you, in any weather, I can wander, walk for hours.

You are the bright light in my window, You are the ray, the hope, the dream, And without you, cats scratch in my soul, I need your smile, your tenderness!

I love you. Simple words, But how much feeling and meaning in them! They are more precious than all treasures And deeper even than the seas.

I love you. What happiness, That there is someone to say this to! And in anticipation of the answer, Forget that you need to breathe.

I love you. With soul and body. And in the heart, joy and a blaze. How good that there is in the world The beautiful gift of your love!

And what do I know about love? Only that I lose my head, When I look into your eyes, When I inhale your scent.

The riches of the world are not needed, And an important status is not needed— Only that we should be together Into old age, with pearly hair.

I would go through fire for you And throw myself into water without regret. Holding your hand in mine— That’s my main salvation!

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