A lovely verse dedicated to your beloved

By | May 12, 2024

My love for you is strong, I love you with all my heart, I adore your gaze and lips, I can’t imagine life without you, I always praise you, When you’re not around, I imagine. I love you so much, You mean a lot to me.

I love you dearly, I’ll say it a hundred times, Whisper it gently in your ear, Hold you very tightly, I always want to be with you, This is what I pray for. You are the light of the sun for me, You always inspire me. With you, I feel like I’m in paradise, I love you very much.

I want to be with you forever, To laugh, rejoice, and love, Be with me now forever, My dearest person.

I love you with all my soul, What a happiness to be with you. I want to bathe in your love And enjoy your kisses.

I want to live my fate with you, And no longer be sad in life. For you are my happiness. And I want no other love.

I always want to be near. In tender embraces, I’ll drown. And there are no words more beautiful in the world Than those you say about love.

I dream of being with you With heart, mind, and soul. To share happiness only with you And to love you all my life.

When you’re not near, I lose the meaning of existence. We have a common path with you. It’s built by fate for us.

Every day I love you more, All thoughts about you and all dreams, I can’t live without you anymore, Because you are the meaning of my life.

I watch how your eyes shine, And I rejoice again and again. I know that only happiness is ahead, And it will be shared between us.

Love—each has their own. It can be passionate and vulnerable. Love—like a certain game, It can also be happy.

We can create a lot As long as there are feelings—there will be actions. As long as we know how to love, We are ready to act.

In love sometimes as on a volcano, Everyone is different, there’s no answer. Who’s happy, who lives in deception, And with someone, a loved one for life.

Love—each has their own And many happy fates in it. A funny and eternal game, Created by people themselves.

It’s so pleasant to dream about you, So sweet to be next to you in thoughts, To remember your gaze, your smile, To warm up with your fleeting look.

I no longer hide my love. Not blood—fire runs through my veins. I love. How deeply I love you! And I cannot hide this feeling.

When you are with me, The whole world changes around. As if the sun from behind the clouds Suddenly dispels sadness and darkness.

And melancholy retreats, And it’s easy on my soul. But everything is wrong and not the same, When you are far away.

Love me as I love you, With body, heart, and soul. And be with me, as I want To always be with you everywhere.

Now I know what happiness is, For you are in my life now, I call you treasure, wealth, And I see my dreams about you.

You are my joy, my inspiration, You are the beauty of my soul, You are otherworldly pleasure, You are the embodiment of a dream.

You are my ray, my hope, I love you madly, My long-awaited person, With you alone I always live!

I love you, you are the meaning of life, And without you, I can’t sleep at night, I always miss you, And I won’t give you to anyone.

You are my joy, I know this for sure, And without you, life is not interesting, And sometimes I dream about you, I ask you, come to me in dreams tonight.

But better, become my happiness, And give me your eternity, With you, we’ll forget all the bad weather, With you, I’ll survive everything.

Love—a sublime feeling! Like sweet poison, like spring thunder. With it, it’s fun and somehow sad, It lures with ringing silver.

But this feeling is only given to a few, To experience in life. Like a divine gift—for us lonely, It makes the soul tremble!

Love is not expected—it comes, Suddenly piercing with arrows. As if a miracle happens, Illuminating with magical light.

And suddenly wings grow, Soaring high above the hustle, Those two, like snowflakes, melt, In the bliss of unearthly caress!

The whole world sparkles and laughs, And the world is wrapped in kindness. He whom love touches— There is nothing more beautiful in the Universe!

What tenderness in my heart Is born by your dear image. I want to warm up to you, To feel the peace of the soul.

For only to you were feelings born, My soul is full of you. I love you to pain, to madness, I always want to be with you.

I think of you evening and day, You are constantly in my heart, I rush to give you tenderness, I promise to always love you!

I adore being with you, To talk and to be silent, Together we’re very good And never bored!

You are my beloved person, A wonderful ideal, I’m lucky because few Find what they dreamed of!

My voice trembles in the silence, All thoughts only about you, I love you with all my soul, What a happiness to be with you. Sometimes my heart tightens, You are my dear person, I want to be with you always, Let our years fly by, To watch the sunset together, To wake up with the dawn together.

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