A beautiful poem written for your cherished one

By | May 12, 2024

Love can be different, Both complex and simple. But I will overcome everything, As long as you are with me.

With you, my heart came alive And beats joyfully. You give me your warmth, Like the sun gives its rays.

I love you with all my soul, There’s no place for another. They say love is a mystery. You are its answer.

Sometimes joy, sometimes sorrow in me. I feel both good and sad. Sometimes I’m happier than anyone else, Sometimes pain torments and gnaws at me.

All this was done by love, It transformed me. Removed the stone from my chest, And placed a living heart within me.

And my heart beats day by day, Burning passionately just for you, And feeling love for you Is so wonderfully beautiful!

I want to know you more, Share dreams with you, Be with you as often as possible, And if not nearby—then call.

I want to listen to your voice forever, Always look into your eyes, Love, you make us better, Creating simple miracles!

I will give you my soul, I only ask you, take care of it, And I will never disturb your peace, Please accept my love as a gift.

You are happiness, maybe you are luck, You are definitely joy, you are warmth, With you, I find inspiration, With you, I am very lucky.

You give me wings and tenderness, With you, I can conquer the world, I love you very much, I adore you, And life seems empty without you.

To love is to be different from everyone! To love is to be sometimes insane, To be mad, half-crazy, And not to be closed off in the soul!

To love is to have two halves, Of hearts burning with fire, And to build a palace of love As if from a fairy-tale picture.

To love and to illuminate the whole world With your radiant smile. To forgive all the troubles and mistakes, That a person makes!

To love, and not to cause pain To the one you see in your dreams And never to hurt. And if you do offend To atone for the guilt right away!

To love means not to notice All the minor life troubles, And no matter how many worries there are, To love does not mean to leave!

So what does it mean to fall in love? It means to forget about all others! And never to cheat, To love! To love! Only to love!

There’s no one better than you, Your look warms like fire, You are more beautiful than any planet, With you any day is brighter!

Without you, I have no warmth, I want to be always with you, I dream about you With body, heart, and soul!

I can easily describe happiness, I see it in front of me, And here’s what I want to say, It very much resembles you.

Your eyes give me warmth, You let all words into your soul, They will deliver confessions Of tenderness and of my love!

After meeting you My life has changed, Heavenly love Suddenly opened up to me!

I want us to always be together, For I know we Have loved forever!

I love you very strongly, I love like no one else can, I love you so madly, As if we are in a real movie.

My heart has long been yours, And I will not ask for it back, I just ask you to love me, And I will not let you go!

Our love is like a hurricane, Like an endless ocean. It is pure, like the first snow, Like the sincere laughter of a child.

I love you with all my soul, Know this: I am forever with you, You are my greatest reward, Nothing else is needed!

I burn with love for you, When you’re not near, I miss you, I want to greet the dawn with you And send off the evening sunset.

I love you, value, and adore you, I can’t imagine life without you, Let’s not part, Let’s enjoy love.

Memories flood in, Memory paints your image, In your eyes, enchantment, You bring peace to my soul.

How I love! And these lines I write with a heart full of feelings. I will wait for any time For the touch of dear lips.

I will always love you, For blood boils in my heart. And I will never forget you, Because you are, my love!

Together we’ll step into the future, Where happiness awaits us. Let our hearts ignite with fire, And let troubles pass us by!

Your gaze has seared my soul, I touch your hand, and my heart melts. I love. There’s no going back for me, Only your image warms me.

Just remembering—immediately I smile, And I’m overwhelmed with tenderness. I wake up with your name, The thought of you instantly gives me wings.

I flutter on the wings of love. Give me your heart Open your soul to me. I love you very much.

I can’t sleep or eat. Countless thoughts of you. My heart beats in my chest for you. The ground again slips from under my feet.

If the whole world goes mad, Even after a hundred years I won’t stop loving you Even if I’m no longer here If you dissolve in water And drift away from me for years Across hundreds of roads, oceans, seas You’ll be in my heart forever. Wherever we are, And wherever fate stretches us Know one thing, I always remember you Every day, every minute, and every hour I have a sea of love for you forever I have a sea of love for you, and a big river.

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