An enchanting stanza crafted for your dearest

By | May 12, 2024

They say that loving is dangerous, But no, this feeling is beautiful, It fills the soul with warmth, Like an angel, it covers it with a wing!

If you have fallen in love—cherish it, Do not pass by love, Wrap your heart in tenderness, Don’t let anyone’s spear pierce it!

Loving you is my dream, With you nearby, there is warmth. Only your feelings can calm me, Your love will unfold mine.

I just need to be with you, You always share with me. My love knows no bounds, It trusts only you!

Ask me: — Do you love? — I love. — Whom? — You. — But is there happiness in this? — From this joy inside, everything tears apart, I thank God for love.

— Then tell me, why did you choose like this? Is it so good with you? How to understand if you found the right one? — When you feel that without him the whole world is lost.

I enjoy this beautiful feeling, I live by you, I dissolve in you, My love, like an endless ocean, And, like a bright raging volcano, All that is in the soul, words cannot convey, I can endlessly dream about you.

Just to feel your breath on my shoulder, To drown in the depth of your eyes — That’s what I always dream about, When I get up in the morning and fall asleep at night.

Your touches — a thrill of happiness over my body, Your smile — drives all the bad away. I feel a part of love in life. And from this, the days and nights are beautiful.

How many words do I need to say, To prove my love, They may be sweet to the ear, But feelings need to be shown.

Actions define everything, I won’t throw words to the wind, Let my heart burn for you, I will protect you like an angel!

How nice it is to talk about love, It always warms my soul, And it’s so beautiful to feel it, Inside from happiness as if it stops.

It can’t be mistaken or compared with anything, Unique and, of course, unlike any other, I want to love so sincerely, So that goosebumps run over the skin.

Love for two is joy and happiness, Together it’s so easy to weather all storms. It’s nice when they value and wait for you, When they help, run to meet you, When they greet you at home with a smile, Call for dates, set a day,— All this we found in each other, We preserved love and trust.

The main thing is to believe, to love, and to dream, To fly gently from spiritual happiness, To experience happiness and pleasure, Light, pleasant dizziness!

To shine from feelings, be brighter than the sun, So that it gets even hotter in the heart… In love, I wish you to tenderly drown, In loved ones’ embraces to sweetly fall asleep!

You are my cherished dream, I’d go to the end of the world for you, I can’t live a day without you. With a charming smile, You eclipse the sunlight, You lure with a sharp gaze, I can’t say no to you, I will be by your side till the end.

With you, my heart beats stronger, Becomes brighter, and it’s warmer on my soul. My mood peaks at our meetings, My heartbeat quickens!

My eyes burn, and my soul trembles, From my tender passion, feelings overflow! Love always with the same bliss, Be my ideal and perfection!

How not to love you, How not to breathe you, To keep your image in my heart, And just wait for hugs.

To admire you, as if for the first time, To hug only you, My heart is with you, I can’t take it back.

I love you like a bird loves the sky. I love you like the wind loves the clouds. I love you like the north loves a blizzard, Snow and white snows!

In my chest lives a power, That stirred everything up. It lifts the fallen spirit, Gives me energy every hour, Makes the world gentle around, and around, As in a fairy tale, everything becomes beautiful. Because you understand what I’m talking about? I love you. I love you. I love more than anyone else…

I love, I suffer greatly, Without you, everything is not right, I curse the world abundantly, If you are long in business.

I want to be closer to you, Though it sounds shameless, Come to me sooner, Make me kinder!

How good it is to be together with you! Everything suddenly becomes more interesting in life, And every day is colorful and bright, And it’s warm and bright in the soul.

You inspire only to be better, Your smile drives the clouds away, You are simply a miracle incarnate, You are the ideal, however you turn it!

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