It is the kind of compliment that everyone desires to receive

By | May 12, 2024

I send you a compliment, About your smile, I will speak, You shine like the sun, And warm everyone with your warmth.

You are like a miracle, it’s true, You are a beautiful reward, Like rain on a scorching day, And it’s no chore to praise you!

When I look at a flower at dawn, I think only of your beauty. Is there anyone more beautiful on the planet? I’ve met many, but they’re not you.

Your face is perfection itself, Words fail to describe. Admiring you is a bliss, There is no one better than you.

I’ve long wanted to confess How much I admire you. I will never cease to marvel, At your unearthly beauty.

I sneak peeks at you, I am enchanted by you. You have a strong effect on me, I get nervous when we meet.

I’m captivated by you, And it’s so sweet to be captivated. I hope everything continues To go smoothly between us!

You’re an amazing, vibrant person, With you, one can talk about anything in the world, You can give support, tenderness, And you can sincerely care and love.

With you, it’s comfortable, good, very calm, You captivate with your wit, with your beauty, And without you, I often feel lonely, sad, empty, Without you, I can’t imagine my days now!

Everything in you is so lovely, Without any flaw! One can admire you endlessly, I must confess this.

My compliment is simple, But believe, it comes from the heart. It’s pleasant and good, And I hope, it fits the occasion!

Your beautiful eyes cannot be described, Your lovely voice is not enough, Millions of compliments could be sent, To make life more beautiful.

Your kindness could embrace the whole world, Even more, the cosmos, the sun, and the planets, About you, only odes should be written, There simply is no better person.

You are a wonderful person, There are few like you in life. You bring light to others, A good beginning!

Always stay positive, And move forward towards your dreams, May you conquer new heights Continuously!

How beautiful everything is in you! Nothing can be added. Everything is perfect, I really like you!

I respect and love you, And value our communication. And I want to say to the world My “Thank you” for you.

How wonderful that you exist, You adorn my life with yourself. Countless are your virtues, Like the sun, you warm me.

Everything is allotted to you by fate— Intelligence and beauty, and charm. I wish you always good luck, May all your wishes come true!

You bring bright moments, You enchant with a kind smile, You bring confidence and inspiration, And slightly excite.

It’s pleasant to be near you, You support in everything, give advice. Suddenly you look so incredible Because there’s no more beautiful eyes.

Your beautiful eyes Are pure, like dew on a leaf, I love to be alone With you, to talk softly.

You lift my spirits, Always bring positivity, You give everyone wonderful moments And motivate life.

I sincerely admire you— Your character, your soul. Your inner world, like the cosmos. I say this lovingly.

I love you, I adore you, I thank my fate, That in a bright moment it brought me to you. You are my golden ray of sunshine.

You are a beautiful person, Talented and sweet. With a big open heart And inner strength.

You know how to calm, And always listen, And instantly retreat From your words, troubles.

A huge thank you, That you are in my fate. And may great happiness Come back to you in return!

How much beauty there is in you, Of soul, of appearance, and of heart, In you, so much warm kindness, That you endlessly warm with it.

How much I want to tell, To give all the compliments in the world, To walk with you to the ends of the earth, And to discover something good in myself.

In you, there is so much kindness, In you, so much charm, Your soul knows no emptiness, In it a swarm of happiness and attention.

You give everyone all the warmth, Surround with care and patience, Drive evil out of life, And embrace the heart with tenderness.

I always look forward to meeting you, To glance into your eyes accidentally. How nice it is to note your appearance, You love to wink playfully.

It’s pleasant to talk with you, To share what’s on the soul. You laugh so incredibly, And give happiness, as in a dream.

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