Through the expression of these words, you shall be granted absolution from even the most indifferent person

By | May 12, 2024

My attention is riveted to you. I want to ask for your forgiveness. My heart is languishing in longing, It wants to share its repentance.

What to do, how to rectify the guilt? To direct my reconciliation towards you. My behavior has already been corrected. Please accept my sincere apology.

I ask for forgiveness, Forgetting all about pride. I bring my apologies, As my conscience really bothers me.

Do not harbor grievances, And, to shed the burdensome load, Simply forgive me And break down the barriers between our souls.

Of course, forgive me. It looks ugly from the outside. Understanding comes later. And tears choke in the throat.

I’m tormented by repentance. Please accept my apologies. I’m correcting myself as best I can. And trying to be better.

I want to bring apologies For words that sometimes sadden. And in a surge of touched feelings, I implore you for forgiveness.

Let black cats never again Construct paths between us, So we can have a warm contact, Forgiving grievances along the way.

I bring you big apologies For the argument we had, Sometimes my tongue fights, Without asking my heart for permission.

Maybe for you it’s all decided. Our happiness hung on that argument, But I ask you to remember one thing: Truth can be born from conflicts.

There are no two people alike, And everyone has their own opinion, Not all ideas are meant to align. So why spoil our relationship?

I treasure our communication, I ask for forgiveness with all my soul. And I hope that, in the quiet, I’ll manage to talk just with you.

I ask with all my heart and soul, Forgive this foolish act of mine. Believe that I regret and suffer, And I don’t know how to atone for the guilt.

Please understand and forgive me, Alas, the past cannot be changed. I torture myself and cannot sleep at night, Forgive me, for I love you very much!

I don’t know how to ask for forgiveness, And I want to earn it with all my soul, I will carry out a valuable lesson, I will live with it all my days.

It’s important for me that the grudge dissolves, I want to correct it, to eradicate it, So it never repeats, For without it, life will be more beautiful.

Forgive, our conflict is terrible, It destroys strong relationships today, All my decisions were mistaken, My mind is not accustomed to arguments.

I ask you for forgiveness now, Don’t hold onto anger and resentment, For I speak this from the heart. Let’s continue our wonderful communication.

I really ask for forgiveness For my behavior. I realize all the guilt. I will correct everything, I will atone.

Let all the grudge go, Disappear without a trace, And let a smile without worries Come in its place.

Forgive then. What else to say? Again, I am to blame for everything. There’s still no forgiveness for me And my sadness is all about you.

Again, a wall stands between us, Named by a grudge. It’s hard for me to break it, Stubbornness is to blame again.

I apologize to you, I ask for forgiveness, With all my soul I repent, And I hurry to correct everything.

We will erase all the faults with you, We will remove all the grievances, We will remove obstacles from feelings, And return happiness to our world.

It’s hard, I know that, To forgive the pain that tears the soul, I curse this grudge, It doesn’t let me forget.

I ask you for forgiveness, I won’t repeat this mistake, Forgive me for I sin, For this, I will be responsible.

Do not hold a grudge, And, please, forgive me. Let your sadness go away. Understand, I regret.

I made a mistake, there’s no doubt. My response was absurd. I’m very angry with myself And I strive for forgiveness.

I didn’t mean to be harsh, I didn’t want to upset. You, my love, don’t be angry And smile sooner.

To live without a burden in the heart, Simply to shed this weight, I ask you, forgive me And even forget the grudge.

I’ll try from now on, Not to cause any upset, So we can have Only kind contact without doubt!

I don’t even know where to start… But I know you know how to forgive, That there’s a lot of warmth in your heart, Because everything happened accidentally, not out of malice.

Forgive me, I beg a hundred times—forgive! Forget the grudge and let it go, Believe that I will smooth over my fault. Forgive, for I love you very much.

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