With the utterance of these words, you will be granted forgiveness from even the most ruthless person

By | May 12, 2024

Forgive me, please, for the harsh words, For hurting your soul. I sincerely repent, forgive me, Accept my words of repentance.

I ask for forgiveness, Forgive me, I beg, I’m ashamed of all the words, It’s entirely my fault. My conscience torments me, I ask only for your forgiveness. I realize everything now And I ask for forgiveness, I won’t do it again, I promise forever.

Give me a chance to apologize, Let me ask for forgiveness, With all my soul I repent, That the fault was mine!

There’s nothing good in grudges, It’s bad for the heart to hate, Forgive me, I beg, I won’t sin again!

I didn’t want us to argue And I don’t understand how it happened… Now I need to try, To earn my forgiveness!

I truly regret And I ask for forgiveness. I sincerely want to say, That I cherish your forgiveness!

I apologize to you, Please forgive me from your heart. Now it all depends on you: Burn or leave all bridges.

I understand, it’s very hard To forget all grievances immediately. But if you love — you’ll forget, How else can it be?!

As we loved each other, But we all are weak and sinful. And this means, only in forgiveness We test the strength of our love!

I ask you to forgive me, It’s entirely my fault, I definitely understand this, I implore you to forgive me faster. Just let go of the grudge, Forgive me completely. I will never again, Act or do this way. Forgive, I repeat again, I can’t do without forgiveness.

Forgive me and let go, Let go of your grudge, I’ll smooth over my fault, believe, Just open the door in your heart.

I ask for forgiveness again, Without it, I cannot live, Forgive me, I ask again, On my knees, I beg you.

Forgive and pardon me, Please! Don’t judge too harshly, My action wasn’t out of malice.

And believe, I truly repent In it now I’m sad, That everything turned out this way. And I ask for forgiveness!

How to atone for my fault, To mend our relationship. There’s no end to my torments, There’s no justification, I know.

I regret, I suffer, I repent, And from the heart, I apologize. I promise to change, To accept the punishment.

I want to atone for my guilt And to please you again, I ask for your forgiveness, I want to correct myself quickly!

Please forgive me, Come forward with your heart, And we will love each other Only stronger!

Very sincerely now I want to ask you For forgiveness, for pardon! My action, undoubtedly, Was ugly and very bad. Life has taught me a lesson! I ask you to forgive me, I will not behave like this again!

I want to ask for forgiveness For upsetting you, For sometimes my thoughts Are dirty, like melting snow.

But your heart isn’t stone, And I know that for sure, You are the most open, kind, Responsive person.

Please forgive all the grievances, That I sometimes cause, Which hurt the soul, Like a sharp, steel blade.

And let these grievances Melt away in the heights of heaven, So that God may always protect us From all evil deeds.

I will ask for forgiveness For my bad action! It happened, it turned out, I was very cruel…

And I want to correct, What I can. For now I ask for forgiveness! I will never Do it again!

Forgive me, I’m no gift, Often showing my character Yelling louder than three shepherds Forgetting all manners.

Forgive the lies, the lateness, For not paying enough attention To not go crazy, Forgive me for everything.

Very strongly I apologize To you now! Conscience torments, I repent In how everything turned out between us.

Don’t be angry, please believe me, It wasn’t out of malice. I really regret, I apologize very much!

I ask you to forgive me, I apologize deeply, Don’t hold a grudge, Just let it go.

It’ll be easier on the soul, I wish you joy. Forgive me, I beg, I only want your forgiveness.

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