A touching confession of love that will captivate even the most insensitive person

By | May 12, 2024

Your smile and eyes, Long ago drove me mad, You’re simply an angel in flesh, You’re my joy in the silence, I love you with all my soul, What happiness it is to be with you. I love you, I’ll say it a hundred times, I can’t live without you.

I want to confess my love to you, I want to tell you now, That it’s only with you I dream, To greet every blessed day.

To give you my care, To protect you from all troubles, In return, I ask for little, To value and respect me.

I want to be with you, and for a long time, Better yet, just forever, To walk one road with you, Never to part!

You pass by—I freeze, You don’t look—I die, You’re not here, and I miss you, And want to hug you! Blood boils in my veins, That’s what love does… And confessions here are in vain By my eyes, it’s all clear! In them, you’ll read: “I love you, I can’t live without you!”

I wanted to say so many words, To explain the strength of my feelings. But how to say? Where do I find the courage, So as not to scare you suddenly?

I love you with my soul, with my heart, And your image is in my dreams. All doors of the soul are wide open You’re most important in my dreams.

And in reality, you’re like the sun, You lead me through the grayness of days. I’ll give you my heart And give all my dreams to you.

I love you! I love you, do you hear? I dedicate this poem to you. And I believe that you will hear me, Share happiness for two.

I adore your voice, It’s so gentle and familiar, I like it when you’re near, I need nothing more, I want to breathe in the scent of your hair, I confess to you seriously: I’m madly in love with you, I keep your image in my heart!

It’s wonderful that you exist, That fate brought us together, With you I am much happier, I want to say, I love you!

Just like that, I confess, Just like that, I say, That without you I suffocate, That without you I don’t live.

That without you the world fades, The day becomes longer, That without you it’s not interesting, That I can’t, believe it at all!

I want to confess to you, Open my heart completely. I couldn’t believe that it’s possible To love someone so much.

But now I understand, I can’t go anywhere without you. And I need your love Like water in the sands.

I open my eyes in the morning And only dream of you. And when I fall asleep at night, I only remember you! I adore you madly, I can’t imagine life without you!

All ages are obedient to love, Love is the mistress of hearts! All the truths of love are indisputable For the rings that have been blessed! And what about me? I don’t know… I burn, I don’t sleep. I suffer so much! Love? Of course, it is— Towards you, towards you, my soul! What hour, what year— Love for you lives in me! And there’s no strength to fight it, Your image is very dear to my heart. All thoughts are only about you, Come to me even in a dream. Or you want it to be real— I’ll pluck the moon from the sky for you. In my arms, you’ll fall asleep, Feel me, understand. Remember this forever: I love you, I want you, You are my life! My love!

I want to be the air you breathe, I want to lie down as a carpet of roads at your feet And all your cherished dreams To embody with the power of great love!

I dream that life, flipping through the days, Could never separate us, We admired one sunset, And one cup of coffee was for two.

And let our touches, like fire, Burn so strongly that you want to scream. But just know, I only want to hold your hand Until old age in my hands!

I don’t understand myself, When I suddenly see you. Because my heart immediately freezes, And I can’t breathe.

When I watch you walk, A shiver runs over my skin. I recognize you among thousands, I won’t exchange you for anyone.

When I listen to you, My soul sings. I can’t get enough of you, Your look is always before me.

And I clearly understand, That I love you deeply. So respond in kind, Believe, these feelings are not naive!

I’ll whisper quietly, I want to reveal a secret, You are my soul, my dream, I love you very much!

Keep this confession, Tell no one, Accept my feelings, Give me a smile!

You are the reason for my smile, You are the reason for thoughts, dreams, I love you very much, very much, And here no extra words are needed.

My soul strives for you, I only want to be with you, Without you, I can’t sleep at night, With you, I want to create my family!

With you, I want to greet the dawns, And I want to send off all the sunsets, Only send you my greetings, I don’t need much for happiness!

Your heart searched for a long time, And finally, it found. And the world around transformed. And everything in it gained meaning.

I exist in this world Because you are in it. My love. My salvation From a life full of emptiness.

I love you, I won’t let go, I cherish you very much. You are my peace and light, And there’s nothing better in the world.

I will try to be brighter, And purer at heart and wiser. All just to love you, To live long in your heart!

Life rightly brought us together. Know that I love you. Let it be hard on the way, We can overcome the obstacles.

We will carry through the years All that our hearts hold. We will value each other And love each cell.

This response showcases the continuous depth of emotion and devotion found in love, reflecting both the joy and the intensity of being in love, using rich imagery and heartfelt declarations to convey the profound connections and aspirations shared between lovers.

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