An emotionally charged expression of love that possesses the power to captivate even the most apathetic person

By | May 12, 2024

I’ll write you a confession, Send my love to you, I’ll honestly admit to you, That I love you with all my soul!

You are my clear sunshine, With you, I feel so good, With you, it’s calm and easy, With you, I’m very lucky.

I confess that without you, Life would be gray, like the gloom, I love you with all my soul, I will share eternity with you!

I don’t know what’s happening to me, I can’t understand how it happened, That mysterious, familiar glance, Became a vision of mercy to me!

Your hazel eyes, Your luscious lips are beautiful, Your voice is gentle, sweet, awesome, A dream amidst the morning dawn.

How nice it is to see you, My heart beats so in my chest, That I can’t clearly, Take the courage to confess my love…

I love you, with all my heart, And of course, with all my soul, Don’t judge me harshly, For I only want to be with you.

Love not only exists in fairy tales— I’ve come to know it in reality. I’ve adored you for many days, Afraid to lose you even for a minute.

Without you, this whole world means nothing, Even the blue sky doesn’t delight. I want to generously shower you with compliments And speak words of romance.

I love you and won’t hide it, That my heart is forever occupied. I want to spend my entire life with you, Kissing the corners of your closed eyes.

I want to confess my love to you, To kiss you forever, To dissolve in your embrace, To always enjoy you.

I’ve loved you for so long, You spin my head. I love you with all my soul, Such happiness to be with you.

May I tell you, What I very much cherish?! And I’ll talk about love, That lives in my chest.

Suddenly it became cramped there, And words burst from my lips, And I’ll say without hiding— I love you very much!

There’s no one better than you in the world, You radiate warm light, It’s good to be near you. I want to tell you more, That I love and adore you, Always dream of being together! I believe, feelings are forever, We’ll carry them through the years!

We’re lucky to have found each other, Neither rain nor blizzard scares us, Where we’re together, it’s always warm, Because together it’s so good! I promise, always To love only you!

I want to tell you And whisper in your ear, Without you, I can’t, I love you very much, I adore you completely I secretly watch you, How great it is to love And to cherish you. Happiness for me is to be with you Allow me to love you.

My heart belongs only to you, I want to live my whole life with you. I love you as God loves people, Like a flower loves the clear sparkle of rain. I love you more than this life, If you’re far, wait for me. Never, believe me, will I let you go, With you, I’ll fly to happiness on wings!

My heart beats so in my chest, Our meeting is ahead. It feels so pleasant in my soul, Because I love you passionately.

I want to shout about love, Say a couple of words, I treasure you, I love you very much.

I thank life wholeheartedly, For sending you to me, For loving sincerely and with all my heart, Such love was missing in my life.

For every moment I pray to the heavens, That our happiness found itself nearby, And I will repeat, how I love, So that the best always happens to us.

In my soul, you’re like a breeze, You’re a lottery, my surprise, My breath and my dawn, My heartbeat, my light!

With you, I seem to come alive, From your tender look, I melt. I drown, head over heels in love, I want to be always with you!

How hard it is to express in words. How deeply I love you. Hoping for reciprocity between us. I catch your gaze every day.

Admiring your charming smile. I keep dreams of you in my heart. Love can be tender, bright, fragile. You are my ideal, I value everything in you.

I love you, you are my happiness, You are my beloved person. I’m not afraid of bad weather in life— I know you’re forever by my side.

With you, the world seems brighter, With you, my soul sings, Hug me quickly, Let life happen with us!

I don’t hide my love And say without embarrassment: I simply adore you, I breathe you, I worship you.

Your voice, your look, your touches Are more valuable than all earthly riches. And, like ice cream in the sun, I melt In your tender embraces.

I will always love you, Even if the world turns upside down, I will always cherish you, As strongly as I can.

For these feelings, I am grateful And enjoy them every hour, Thank you for letting me love, And nothing is more important right now.

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