For a wedding

By | May 12, 2024

I congratulate you on your wedding day, May your years not hurry, I wish you to be happy, And may life become more beautiful.

Always have plenty at home, May a smile adorn your lips, May victory grow like a snowball, And may a loved one warmly embrace you.

I congratulate you on your wedding day, And I give you my love, I wish you to be a happy person, I would walk the earth for you.

May the years bring inspiration, Joy and comfort in your soul, May your mood always rise, I will surround you with my care.

I congratulate you on your wedding day, May luck sit on your shoulder, I direct the kindest words to you, May happiness speak of you.

I give my love and tenderness, Embraces and support every hour, May your soul feel serenity, And may the light in your beautiful eyes be visible.

I congratulate you on your wedding day, A sea of stars in the sky shines for you, I wish you to be the happiest person, May wishes be spoken with love.

May all your desires be destined to come true, May life never bring problems, Only happiness should be in life, And may fate protect you from all troubles.

I send you my congratulations, In them, I wish happiness and warmth, May your decisions be true, And may love protect you from troubles.

May sadness never approach your home, Courage conquers cities, May a smile find your lips, And may it always live there.

I wish on your wedding day, That your whole life becomes a kind fairy tale, May a wealth of bright emotions Accumulate every day!

May our pure love, Like a little stream, flow And strive every day anew To capture us more firmly!

May your life be rich in surprises and kindness, And in important plans, may no options fall to zero!

May kisses be as sweet as halva, May the vessel of your soul be filled with delight, And the warm and tender words of my love Intoxicate your consciousness even without wine!

May joys walk with you on the same path, So you don’t gloomily wander through the thicket of life. And may a significant sum of money accumulate For a villa and a Ferrari in the future!

May your wedding day bring coziness, Fulfill all cherished dreams, May your loved ones await, And joys become noticeable.

I wish you not to count the years, May happiness become just a reward, Meet your celebration with a smile, And everyone will be very happy for you.

On your wedding day, I wish you to start a life, Full of ascents and smiles, Never to count your years, Not to make any mistakes at all.

I want to wish you strong health, To catch happiness with your hands. To achieve everything in the world simply, Life filled only with true friends.

May on this wedding day Your desires come true, And luck enters the door, Not getting lost on the way!

And may there be sweets Arranged on all the shelves. Let joys happen As often as they should!

You’ll definitely find responsive friends, And cash in your wallet Will diligently multiply!

My gaze is clouded with love, And on this wedding day that has arrived I wish you reciprocity, So that there’s no falseness in feelings.

I wish that a strong bond with fortune Ties you tightly, And forever joy in your mood Plays cheerful tunes!

For the fulfillment of desires, May stars leave the sky, And, bypassing all distances, Surprises fly into your hands!

Only kind words fly, Let the congratulations inspire you, Only happiness is wished, And this holiday uplifts you.

Love, luck, to know no troubles, Health never fails you, To confidently step forward, Always keep a smile on your face.

Congratulations fly to you, From the heart, from my heart, Luck wants to fall into your hands, And you fear nothing.

I wish you joy, success, Primacy in everything for you, Many ascents, much laughter, The best by fate.

I congratulate you wholeheartedly, I want happiness to be your friend, I wish you to be a successful person, May trouble forget about you.

You will always be among family, You will never lose them, Forget all difficulties, And a loved one will be by your side.

Romance, like a carousel, May swirl tirelessly, And the number of friends grows, Who do not allow you to be bored!

May everything become mutual: Kindness, love, support. And luck will bring The fulfillment of hopes.

Opening the door without a knock, Suddenly happiness bursts in, Delivers hundreds of prospects And embraces you in its arms!

I wish sunlight in your soul, Health to your loved ones and acquaintances. And may your path not be cliché, But become spectacular, unique!

May Paris not lure you— Here and now, life amazes. And all the dreams you rush to, Fate willingly fulfills!

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