Happy New Year

By | May 12, 2024

Today, magic will happen, Today, wonders will occur, Let the bad simply go away, And all your dreams come true!

Today, let go of all grievances, Let the old year take them away, And start everything anew from a blank slate, Let the New Year bring luck into your home!

My love, I wish you joy and beauty, Kindness to you, I wish today, Bloom from joy and happiness, I congratulate you on the New Year!

A lot of snow has fallen, And the frost has crept up, by the way, But I feel magically warm In your tender embrace.

I wish in the New Year Many joyful moments, Let love live in the soul, Romance follows like a shadow.

Let love not get lost Among the snowdrifts and blizzards, May the days ahead again and again Fly in the stream of tenderness!

Magic comes to the home, It means New Year’s here, It means laughter, fun, Joy, happiness, good mood!

This night I wish you, Kindness and beauty, To be inspired, For your dreams to come true!

I congratulate you on the New Year, And wish you warmth in it, Let there be blizzards outside, But in the soul, let it be spring.

May this year bring you, Happiness, joy without bounds, Bring a sack of gifts, Fulfill your every whim!

From the bottom of my heart, Accept New Year’s greetings! Cherish every moment, Enjoy life to the fullest!

Smile, let Santa Claus Make your dreams come true! A sea of happiness, kindness Let your soul encompass!

The New Year has arrived — The main winter holiday! And I wish that it brings A variety of goods, gifts.

Let dreams come true Despite doubts. Let all sorrows with ailments Disperse like smoke!

New Year marches importantly, And I wish you strongly Kind deeds, brave friends And to hit all targets accurately!

Romance like a blizzard Let it whirl, necessarily. And among all, you’ll instantly Become the happiest!

Only the chimes will ring, All dreams begin to come true. And with immense luck It’s time to meet!

New Year steps on the threshold, What will it bring you? I wish that everything comes true, Happiness flows like a river.

Let your home be filled With positivity, coziness, kindness, Let everything be wonderful, Fantastic, bright, awesome.

Let the New Year bring light, Which will sprout in the heart, I wish only good signs, And strings of happiness.

In everything lucky, enough of everything, Let snow cover the sorrow, A loved one hugs tightly, And friends do not betray.

Let the magical New Year’s night Fulfill all your desires, And luck like a full-flowing river Overtakes the monotonous days.

Let love never end, Warms you like a blanket, Everything you want in life, Every dawn brings joy!

Fluffy snowflakes Will swirl above us, And along with them joy Will descend into our hearts.

Everything suddenly becomes beautiful, As if on a painting, Because along with the first snow The New Year comes!

Welcome this holiday With hope and love, And let warmth and light Fill your home!

Let there be happiness in the house, Fun and health, And adults and children All together at the table.

A holiday, beloved by many, comes, Sweet and beautiful — it’s New Year! Candles are lit, everywhere little lights, Lots of different chores, dear bustle. And I hurry to congratulate you, Let your eyes glow warmly in the New Year!

New Year, ah, New Year, So much trouble with you! Buy gifts for everyone, Brightly decorate the Christmas tree…

But ready every time To do this. Because for us This holiday is very important And we’re ready to stay up all night!

We welcome the New Year! It’s full of hassle, cares. Let them all be pleasant, And give us a clear result!

I wish to meet the New Year As beautifully as you dream, With those who are dear to your heart, Let the fairy tale knock on your door, Hand over pleasant surprises, Let the New Year enter, Bringing joy and happiness.

I wish you to celebrate until morning, For New Year is a time of goodness, This is a festival of the brightest miracles And positivity up to the skies.

New Year is a good holiday! We will meet it. It’s a trickster for ideas, We’ll wait for surprises!

Brightly decorate the tree And don’t forget to make a wish Under the chimes. Santa Claus will come again!

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