Brace yourself for a deeply moving declaration of love that will captivate even the most callous individual

By | May 12, 2024

I love to watch you, To talk, to speak, I love to sit in silence And forget about everything.

I love to laugh until dawn, Not thinking about the bad, And I love everything in the world, Just to be with you alone!

I will whisper to you about love, Tenderly and lingeringly in your ear, In your love, I will drown, Loving you is so important to my heart.

You open a world of warmth, In which I quietly dissolve, Fate brought us together, I fall more in love with you every day.

I love, value, and respect you, At the sight of you, I freeze, I drown, I melt in your gaze, I madly love and melt!

I dissolve in you, I love, I cherish our moments, I want to plunge into bliss, Into embrace, passion, perfection!

Beyond the sky, beyond the stars, Beyond space, the universe, My feelings are all serious, Love is so precious to me.

Loving you is a gift, I give my heart to you, Let there be a fire in my chest From how strongly I love!

I really want to confess, Which I will do now. I can’t take my eyes off Your beloved eyes!

A feeling of tenderness and happiness Suddenly settled in my soul. I love you! And it Does not give me peace.

How not to speak such words, From which the heart melts, I’m lucky to love you, My soul soars with joy.

And these feelings cannot be changed, They are given only once in a lifetime, I can’t live without you, Confessions burst forth on their own.

I want to confess my love to you. I’m afraid to be without you. With you, I find strength. As if wings are growing.

My dreams are tied to you. The meaning of life for me is only you. The only happiness for me. I love you very much!

I will be your laughter, your mood, Your breath, the filling of your soul, Your tenderness, your dreams, Your bright and beautiful dreams!

My love for you is strong, immense, It is huge, pure, and insanely pleasant. Believe me, I will never tire of loving you, My feelings for you are like a volcano!

My heart beats, you live in it, Your image warms my life. Even when there’s heavy rain outside, This love gives me enough fire.

I love you deeply and with all my heart, Let my feelings keep you safe. Suddenly life without you became empty, I very much need your tender gaze.

It seems to me that I breathe through you, And to you alone, I dedicate my heart, I cannot extinguish the fire in my chest, I love you more than life, I know that.

In my soul, it’s sweet from love, I scream about it, I pray, I dissolve in it, The fire of passion boils in my blood, From it, I smile so brightly.

There are no limits to my love, And in the heart, there is an answer to everything. With you, it’s fun, pleasant, Everything is simple, joyful, clear. My feelings for you are strong, Clean, as deep as the sea.

Only about you are all my dreams, In my heart, there is only you, I want to hug you forever, To love, cherish, kiss, I can’t imagine a day without you, I always want to be with you.

Sometimes with you it’s simple, Sometimes it’s difficult, But next to you I know: everything is possible! Your smile inspires me. I want to live every day For you. I give you my heart, All because I’m madly in love!

I will love you endlessly, And that will never change, Let the feelings live forever, I can’t live without you anymore.

I want to share happiness with you, And not think that we will part, I only want to live a lifetime with you, And only dissolve in each other.

With you, I can reach the stars, Talk about feelings without fear, With you alone, I can stand up, And I always need your caress.

You are my light, I need no other, I can only love you, I see no one else beside me, In your captivity forever I remain.

I love you madly And don’t want to hide my feelings. No amount of money Or five doctor’s visits can cure this.

When I see your dear image— Speech leaves me. And to my soul, you are closer Every hour, day by day.

Let this feeling not melt away, Like snowflakes in the spring, Let our path become The plot of a beautiful romance!

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