Witness a profound confession of love that possesses the ability to captivate even the most unsympathetic person

By | May 12, 2024

It’s hard for me to hide my love, It’s bigger than the universe. I love. I love you so much. I strive to be with you necessarily.

We will be together—you and I. We will meet our happiness together. My dream, my love, You are the best in this world.

I want to talk about love, It has encircled my heart. Accept my words with your soul, For love has conquered me.

I love so much, it’s indescribable, I want to hug you gently, And never let go, Just to dissolve in you endlessly.

I will tell you openly, I cannot live without you. I love you deeply, passionately, With you, I feel very good.

I want to be with you all the time, I can no longer stay silent, To breathe you, to love you, To always look into your eyes.

My heart beats, thumps, Only screams about my love for you, I love you with all my soul, What a joy it is to be with you.

To say the words that live in the soul, Sometimes it’s so hard and scary, But inside, feelings burn my heart, And confessions seem dangerous.

But I’m not afraid of these words, I will tell you that my heart is blazing, I rush to say that I love you, Your love gives wings to my soul.

Your love has changed everything, Healed a wounded soul And gave a sea of happiness, My fate is only in your power!

I value and respect you, I trust only you, I love you and adore you, I do not wish to live without you!

I want to tell you, What you mean to me! The feeling that lives in me, Gives me no peace.

I love you so much! And I want to be by your side, To give you love And to be with you!

To love you, to breathe you, And to share our path together, To look into your eyes all my life, To fly away on wings of happiness—

All this is important to me, You are my life, my love. I want to hug you quickly, To tell you about my feelings.

I want to give my warmth, Support, loyalty, and attention, I only want to talk about love, To experience the charm of all feelings.

Loving you is a gift from heaven, I want to confess this urgently, With you, it feels like the world has revived, And without you, I definitely cannot cope.

My heart has searched for you so long. Without you, the world is not dear to me. Ever since we met, I know that there is love in the world.

For you alone my heart beats. I love you endlessly. I dream to be by your side. Only about this I pray to fate.

I want to shout about my love, Without you, this whole world is unnecessary. I can walk to you even at night, Not looking at the rain or the cold.

Yes, I sincerely love you And do not hide my feelings. I want to spend my life with you And simply do not wish to live otherwise.

I look into your beloved eyes And feel: I’m drowning, But in this abyss, I’m not afraid Even to go to the bottom!

You lure me after you And pull like a magnet, And only near you My heart beats faster!

I will reveal a secret to you, I can no longer hide, That since the day we met by chance It’s hard for me to breathe without you.

You are like a bright ray of the sun, Like a bright star in the sky! There is no one better than you in the world, In general, I love you!

I love you very much And always want to be with you! May fate not separate us And bring peace to our relationship.

We will achieve a lot together, Fulfill all our dreams. I will always think about you, Forever in my heart, you!

You know, at dawn, All my thoughts are of you. You know, I can’t sleep long, Believe me, I love you so much.

With all my heart, it beats, And only your name sounds In that beating, your dear image In my dreams, always with me.

I’m not afraid to confess my love. You constantly live in my thoughts. And about you, I pray to all the gods, That they do not separate us by chance.

I go to you as if to a lighthouse, Saving myself from worldly concerns. Fate gave me a sure sign, Since then, being with you is my main desire.

There are no words in this world to describe, The feelings I harbor for you. I want to hold you to my chest, Caressing your eyelashes with kisses.

To breathe the same air as you And to admire the flame of the sunset. And not to let you go a step away, So in the big world, we do not get lost.

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